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 Remote Access Solutions
AJM Computer Tech. can maximize your productivity with remote access solutions tailored to you! A simple VPN can keep you connected to the office from at home or on the road...
 Service Contracts Save Money
Don't manage by crisis! A regular service contract can save you time & money. AJM Computer Tech. can help you find & fix small problems before they turn into catastophes...
 Computer Updates & Security
Get the latest updates available for your computer's operating system, software, and hardware. Microsoft's Online Windows Update provides you with a selection of updates tailored just for you! [CLICK HERE]
There are steps you can take to improve your computer's security. You can follow a few simple steps online, courtesy of Microsoft. [CLICK HERE]
 Printer Trouble?
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What Is It?
Remote Access is a secure way of allowing authorized users to gain access to your organization's computers and relevant data files securely.

Who Is It For?
Remote access capability is for users who need to connect to their network while away from the network site. Any organization who wishes to allow authorized users such as suppliers, salespeople and telecommuters to access its computers and files from outside their building or Local Area Network is a candidate for Remote Access.

Why Do I Need It?
Often, organizations need to allow authorized users access to company computer systems remotely. It may be suppliers in another city who need to access inventory levels, salespeople needing to access sales records while visiting a customer or even employees working from home.

How Can AJM Computer Technology Group, Inc. Help?
AJM Computer Technology Group, Inc. recommends several different solutions to accomplish secure remote access to your network.

AJM Computer Technology Group, Inc will be pleased to meet with you to discuss the creation of a disaster recovery plan and the inclusion of key hardware and software elements that will assist your efforts.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Access?
Remote access allows users to dial into their home networks from anywhere in the world. Once a connection has been established over ordinary phone lines by modem, or via the internet, users can access any programs or data on the network just as if they were seated at one of its local workstations. As a result your business can achieve significant benefits:

  • Employees become more productive. They can access the data they need, at the time and place they need it, to resolve issues.
  • You facilitate telecommuting. As the workscape changes, many valuable employees are seeking ways to spend less time commuting. Remote Access allows these employees to work from home and still have access to the information they need to perform their job.
  • You can increase efficiency. Often, Remote Access is used by organizations who allow suppliers to view online inventory levels so they can manage their inventory items and keep you supplied with the goods you need to be successful.
  • You add security. Providing access to your data without security is inviting disaster. Remote Access and increased security measures go hand-in-hand.

Give us a call to discuss the remote access solution that suits your organization best.


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