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 Remote Access Solutions
AJM Computer Tech. can maximize your productivity with remote access solutions tailored to you! A simple VPN can keep you connected to the office from at home or on the road...
 Service Contracts Save Money
Don't manage by crisis! A regular service contract can save you time & money. AJM Computer Tech. can help you find & fix small problems before they turn into catastophes...
 Computer Updates & Security
Get the latest updates available for your computer's operating system, software, and hardware. Microsoft's Online Windows Update provides you with a selection of updates tailored just for you! [CLICK HERE]
There are steps you can take to improve your computer's security. You can follow a few simple steps online, courtesy of Microsoft. [CLICK HERE]
 Printer Trouble?
Most printer problems can be remedied easily by the user. Click here for some quick fixes you can try before calling for help...

AJM Computer Technolgy Group, Inc. provides complete, single source, turnkey solution for your small to mid-size business. In addition to several package systems, we design, integrate, and support Microsoft Windows based networks, handle support issues for Novell Netware networks as well as support services for complex Unix networks. The primary focus of AJM Computer Technolgy Group, Inc. is on professional and timely service. Our job is to help make your computers, network and backup systems perform securely, reliably and with the least intrusion on your workday.

AJM Computer Technolgy Group, Inc. strives to be your one-location source for a complete solution. Our consulting services can help with a new solution, or integrate with current systems. We provide needs assessment, purchase, and installation of computer hardware- solution-specific systems or networking equipment.

AJM Computer Technolgy Group, Inc. services can help with a new solution, or integrate with current systems.

Throughout the years, AJM Computer Technolgy Group, Inc. has installed numerous Local Area Networks (LAN) & Wide Area Networks (WAN) for many of our clients from connecting a few computers to connecting hundreds of nodes with centralized data services. Our client base includes law firms, schools, consultants, government and many others. We have qualified technicians on staff all the time to handle any networking problems from disaster recovery to troubleshooting hardware failures. Scroll down to see some of what our clients have to say about services.

"AJM Computer Technolgy Group, Inc. has done an excellent job in designing, developing, and managing my small network. Their expertise helped get us moving, and helped us get the job done on a timely basis, and on budget. I plan to use them for more projects in the future."

"Fast, professional, courteous. That's how I sum up the top notch service from AJM Computer Technology Group."
-Pat B.,

"The makers of our proprietary legal application offered inferior support service contracts. Then we turned to AJM Computer Technology Group. They provided us with speedy support services that are superior to the support offerings made by the actual makers of our software - at half the price! Thanks!
-Anthony Scarcella,

"AJM Computer Technolgy Group, Inc. supplements our small in house staff on an as needed basis. It's a real comfort knowing they are there for us when we need them most."
-Martin M.,

"Our network was a mess, nothing labeled, no documentation & our information sharing scheme was slow & ineffective. AJM Computer Technology Group re-designed our cabling plant, replaced our switches, routers & hubs then quality tested each cable run to ensure network quality. Now we are more productive & our network is lightning fast."

Are you a happy AJM Computer Technology Group Inc. client? Let us know & we will post your comments here & link to your website.
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