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 Remote Access Solutions
AJM Computer Tech. can maximize your productivity with remote access solutions tailored to you! A simple VPN can keep you connected to the office from at home or on the road...
 Service Contracts Save Money
Don't manage by crisis! A regular service contract can save you time & money. AJM Computer Tech. can help you find & fix small problems before they turn into catastophes...
 Computer Updates & Security
Get the latest updates available for your computer's operating system, software, and hardware. Microsoft's Online Windows Update provides you with a selection of updates tailored just for you! [CLICK HERE]
There are steps you can take to improve your computer's security. You can follow a few simple steps online, courtesy of Microsoft. [CLICK HERE]
 Printer Trouble?
Most printer problems can be remedied easily by the user. Click here for some quick fixes you can try before calling for help...

1. Check the print settings in the application. From the File menu, select Print. Make sure the correct printer is specified in the dialog box.

2. The next thing to determine is if you are printing to a local printer or a network printer. Local printers are typically attached to either the parallel (25-pin connector) or USB (flat connector) port on your computer. If the printer is local, check that the printer cable is firmly attached at both ends. If the printer is on the network, test your network connection by trying to connect to the Web or retrieve your e-mail. If this is successful, the connection is good and the source of the problem is elsewhere.

3. Check that the printer is on and ready to print. Look for warning lights or error messages such as "Out of Paper" or "Paper Jam".

4. Check that the ink or toner cartridge is securely inserted and not empty. Try taking the toner cartridge out & re-inserting it.

5. Turn the printer off and on to clear its memory. You can also recycle the power on the print server if your printer is attached to one.

6. You need at least 2 MB of available space on your hard drive to print a document. If you are printing large documents or if the printer is shared with others, you might need as much as 10 MB of free disk space.

To determine the amount of free disk space on your computer:

  • Double-click My Computer.
  • Select the C: drive, and then select Properties from the File menu.
  • If you don't have enough free space, delete unnecessary or old files.

7. If your document contains complex graphics or numerous fonts, it is possible that your printer does not have enough memory to print. Try printing a small, simple document. If it works, you will need to add memory to the printer if you want to print complex documents. Otherwise, try printing to a different printer with more memory.

8. Make sure that the printer is not paused or configured to be used offline. Click the Start button, go to Settings, then select Printers. Double-click the printer icon. Click on the Printer menu and make sure that is no check mark beside "Pause Printing" or "Use Printer Offline".

9. In the same window, see if there are documents waiting in the queue. Try removing the first document and see if printing resumes.

10. Open the Printers folder (Start > Settings > Printers) and select the printer you are using. Open the File menu and click Properties.

  • If you are using NT, click the Scheduling tab. Click Print directly to the printer.
  • If you are using 95/98, click the Details tab. Click the Spool Settings button. Click Print directly to the printer. Try printing again.

11. Select Properties from the File menu and click "Print a Test Page". You will be asked if it printed correctly. If it did not, say no and the Windows Printing Troubleshooter will start. Follow the on-screen directions.

12. If you still cannot print, try reinstalling the printer driver. Open the Printers folder (Start > Settings > Printers), click on the printer, and select Delete from the File menu. Reinstall the printer by double-clicking the Add Printer wizard in the same window and following on-screen directions. Note that to reinstall the printer driver, you will need the original disks or CD that came with the printer.

Still having trouble? Give us a call! We'll have you printing again in no-time.


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